Introducing Naan–Tastic®! Having served the Rochester community with delicious and award winning Indian Cuisine at Thali of India since 2001, we now bring you a revolutionary concept of providing delicious Punjabi food in a fast casual environment. Naan-Tastic® offers bowls and rolls with a variety of meats, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options. You want a Chicken Tikka Masala Roll-we got you covered!!! Are you in the mood for some Loaded Makhani fries – we got that too!!! Come try our new fast casual restaurant and Join the revolution!

Singh Family Photo at Naan-Tastic Punjabi Quick Serve Restaurant

The Naan-Tastic® Story

The story of Naan-Tastic® is, like so many stories, a story of family.  Started by brothers Ajay Singh and Aman Singh, and inspired by the recipes of their father, Makhan Singh. The Naan-Tastic® concept was developed as a way to offer diners a new way to experience Punjabi food unlike any they have ever tried in the past, while sharing and celebrating the recipes created by their father over the course of his lifetime.  Everyone who tried his recipes could not stop raving about them. Having tried Punjabi food from all across the country, it was clear to Ajay and Aman that there was something very special about his food.

Prior to opening the first Naan-Tastic® location in Rochester NY, the Ajay and Aman had recently completed their Masters programs from D’youville College in Buffalo, and the University of Rochester’s Simon School of Business, respectively.  They knew they wanted to embark on something professionally together, and that their father’s innovative recipes were something they absolutely wanted to share with those who truly love authentic Punjabi food.

The Naan-Tastic® concept came to them after a period of closely examining the American food market’s limited offering of Punjabi cuisine, and even fewer options for those seeking fast, casual Punjabi food.  It was clear that consumers enjoyed the convenience of a counter-service, and the freedom of a made-to-order type of setting.  After a great deal of research, development, preparation and planning, the idea for Naan-Tastic® Punjabi Food was born.

Today Naan-Tastic® is proud to offer a completely new way to order and enjoy authentic Punjabi food; all from a modern, casual setting where you have the freedom to create meals that are exactly to your liking.  On behalf of our entire family, we thank you for your support and invite you to stop in today and experience Punjabi food that’s out of this world… without the long wait for a table or having compromise on quality or authenticity.

Ajay, Aman, Makhan Singh