Get Rewarded For Your Online Orders

Earn points to redeem rewards and achieve higher tier status when you order online.

Getting started is easy

Create an ordering account from our online menu or mobile app and sign in to place your orders to earn points, redeem rewards, and achieve higher tier status.

Earn Points

Earn 1 point for every $1 you spend on your online order and earn more points with bonuses.

  • 1 point on subtotal
  • 5 points on review


Rewards that you are eligible for will show up within your cart at checkout. Easily redeem by selecting one of your rewards to apply towards your order.

  • $3 for your online order | 75 points
  • $6 for your online order | 125 points
  • $10 for your online order | 150 points

Tier Status

Your tier status is determined by points earned within the past 365 days. You’ll earn 1 tier point for every $1 you spend. Earn more tier points with bonuses.

STARTER | 0 points

VIP | 400 points

ELITE | 1000 points

Bonus Points


  • 1.5X points on Tue
  • 15 extra points for ordering Desserts


  • 2X points on Tue
  • 20 extra points for ordering Desserts


  • 3X points on Tue
  • 25 extra points for ordering Desserts

Your Dashboard

From our ordering menu, click on the account icon to access your dashboard to view lifetime loyalty activity, points to spend, tier status, ways to earn, your benefits, and more.




How do I sign up for loyalty?

Signing up for loyalty is easy! Create an ordering account from our website ordering menu or mobile app by clicking on the “account” icon. You can also create an account by clicking the button below.

Create account

Can I earn points if I order in-store or through the phone?

No, our loyalty program is only eligible for orders placed through our online ordering menu through our website and through our mobile app.

I forgot to login when I placed my order. Can I still earn points?

To earn points for your order, you must login to your online ordering account. If you do not login to your order account, points for your order cannot be added to your account.

How do I redeem my points for rewards?

You will be able to redeem your points for rewards at checkout. All eligible rewards will be present within your cart. Click to select one of your eligible rewards to apply to your order. Once your order is placed, the points needed for your redeemed reward will be deducted.

I redeemed a reward but I do not see it in my order total.

When you redeem a reward, it will not be reflected in the order total shown in your order confirmation, but it will be automatically applied to your order payment.

What if I cancel my order?

If you cancel an order, any points earned for that order will be deducted. If you applied a reward, the points deducted will be reverted back to your point bank.

Can I apply a discount and redeem a reward to a single order?

Yes, you are able to apply a discount and redeem a reward to a single order.

I have multiple rewards available, can I redeem more than one?

No. You will only be able to apply one reward per order.